3 Core Exercises To Help You With Lower Back PAin

Nov 28, 2023

“Lower back pain is the silent reminder that our bodies need better care and attention.” - ChatGPT

Yes, I used an open AI ChatGPT for headline. I asked it “lower back pain quotes”. If you’ve not used it yet, gice it a go. It’s impressive and scary at the same time what it can do.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about lower back pain and how can alleviate it.

I was mowing by garden on the weekend and I have one of those old school lawnmowers that you have to push in order for it to cut the grass. It’s a great workout by the way.

After only a few minutes my back announced itself like Adele’s song “Hello, it’s me”. It wasn’t a pain, more like tightness. You know the feeling like that time you brush your teeth leaning forward over the sink.

This is most likely a signal that my lower back muscles are weak and and also that my core is not engaging properly or isn’t strong enough when I’m leaning forward.

To be honest, I haven’t had any issues with my lower back but this was a gentle reminder to keep taking care of it. 

If you ever experience pain or similar sensation in your lower back I put together my top 3 core exercises to help you strengthen your core to be a better support of your back.

1. Quadrupled birdog
2. 4 progresside Side Plank variations

- level 1 Bend knee side plank
- level 2 Half side plank
- level 3 Side plank
- level 4 Side plank with rotation
3. Deadbug

Watch video below for demonstration.

I like to perform 1 set of 20 birdogs, 30 sec side plank variation and 20 deadbugs as a part of my warm up. 

If you want to do this as a core workout itself. Perform 2-3 sets with 2 min rest between sets and 20-30 sec between exercises.

-focus on good form
-slow down
-exhale on exertion (when reaching forward in bridog or deadbug)
-don’t go to failure, if you feel too much of your lower back or neck, you’re most likely doing too much. Regress the exercise or do less reps and sets.
-progressively increase every 2 weeks

Workout of the day:

This is a great full body workout that can be done with single dumbbell. It’ll help you improve your strength all over and also conditioning and core with the spicy finisher.

Have a good one!

Strength 1:
Goblet squat with 3 sec pause at the bottom
Half kneeling dumbbell curl to press each arm
-rest 90 sec to 2 min

Strength 2:
Single leg deadlift each side
Chainsaw single arm row each arm
-rest 90 sec to 2 min

Single arm thruster - Left
Single arm thruster - Right

Happy to help.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me with your questions or suggestions. Contact details below.