Strength Training arrived to Brockley

Brockley Garden Fitness is a project in the heart of SE4. Offering an outdoor personal training experience, a convenient location, and a range of equipment, it's the perfect place to get fit, and strong and stay healthy!


We're excited to announce that our private gym space has got a whole new upgrade.

New sleek gym floor, 100kg of weight plates, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and more.

Tried and tested by us 👍🏻

We're ready to help you achieve your fitness goals with our private space, expertise and individual approach.

Check ou how we built the gym

Offering tailored one-on-one training sessions to help our local neighbors become stronger, fitter, and healthier.

We (Brani and Paulina) are a couple with a huge passion for health and fitness.

We're both qualified and with years of experience as trainers working with busy professionals, athletes, pre and post-natal mums, elders as well and teenagers.

We pride ourselves in meeting our clients where they are, listening, guiding, and using the best approach for each individual to help them achieve their goals.

We have a variety of equipment available. From dumbbells, kettlebells, mats, TRX, and bands to slam balls. By using different exercise techniques and a variety of equipment, we'll design a unique training program that will be challenging, enjoyable, and deliver the best results.

Traveling to the gym and back on the weekend can take up a big chunk of your day. 

The convenient location and outdoor space in our back garden make it really easy for you to squeeze in a workout.

You can find us here:

37 Tressillian Road, SE4 1YG, Brockley


Our Services

Perosnal training, pre and post natal, female personal trainer, strength training

Personal Training

One-on-one service that provides guidance and motivation to help reach personal fitness goals.

A carefully designed training program, constantly adjusted to push you to your limits and smash your goals.

Focus one-on-one attention on your technique and effort.

Nutritional coaching is available to those who need it.

Our main areas of specialty are strength training, strength training for runners, calisthenics, exercise for mental health, and pre and post-natal training.

Online coaching

Online coaching

Follow an in-app program I design specifically for you.

A carefully designed training program, based on your current level of fitness and what you want to achieve. 

This option is great for people who enjoy training on their own but are too busy to waste time planning their workouts and researching the best workout plan and nutrition steps to achieve their goals.

Weekly check-ins and online support to keep you on track.

The price is £100 a month.

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About coach Brani

Brani believes that consistency, hard work, and integrity are the key elements to success in fitness and in life. Working with him you’ll get more than just an hour of exercise. He’ll not only meet you where you’re at with exercise, nutrition, and general lifestyle choices but he’ll also help you build confidence and provide you with the support you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Brani has a background in semi-professional ice hockey from the time before he moved from Slovakia to London. He is a 2 time UK National Champion in ball hockey and has also played in 3 World Cups of Clubs in Ball Hockey. He enjoys training for triathlons, strength training, and calisthenics. Brani uses the experience and values he gained in competitive sports to bring a unique approach to each of his clients based on their experience, needs, likes, and dislikes in order to help them achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Coach Brani is currently a full-time personal trainer at Third Space Canary Wharf but he's also working with private clients online or from his garden.

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About coach Paulina

Paulina is a highly qualified personal trainer with a passion for helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. Her journey in the world of fitness began when she played semi-professional football, which taught her the importance of discipline, hard work, and consistency in achieving success.

After her football career, Paulina became a football referee, gaining valuable insight into the sports world and the dedication required to stay fit and healthy. Her passion for fitness continued to grow, leading her to pursue higher education. She earned a Master's degree with distinction as a Physical Education Teacher, during which she also obtained her fitness instructor and personal trainer qualifications, broadening her curriculum.

With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Paulina is now an expert in personal training, pre and post-natal personal training, functional strength coaching, and nutrition coaching. She believes that fitness is not just about looking good for the summer but building habits that last a lifetime. Paulina's approach to training is based on consistency over intensity and creating long-term habits to help her clients become their best selves.

Through her unique background and expertise, Paulina has helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals and become fit for life. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, Paulina will work with you to create a customized fitness plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your desired results.


Fitness, pre and post natal, women strength training, female personal trainer

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