5 Strength training mistakes that you might be making

Nov 28, 2023
1. Not warmin up

Preparation is the key. To prevent i juries and get the most out of your workout, a good warm up is key.

No, I don’t mean 20 min of cardio and a bunch of static stretches, nor do I mean doing 3 reps with empty barbell.

Foam rolling, mobikity, dynamic stretching, activation and dynamic movements that mimic the movements in your warm up are perfect. 

If you want to warm up like a pro, check out Warm up like a pro guide HERE.

2. Just winging it

If you’re just going to the gym and deciding what you’ll do based on how you feel, you’ll continuously do the exercises you like and neglect the ones you don’t (often the ones that you SHOULD be doing).

Plus you’ll have no way of knowing if you’re actually improving if you just doing random workouts all the time.

If you want to have specific plan and know exactly what to do in the gym, check out 6 weeks Strength training program HERE.

3. Not focusing on form

If you’re not doing exercises properly your results will suffer and you won’t be getting the most out of your workout - no one wants to waste time! 

Plus you’re risking to get injured.

If you want to know whether you’re performing the exercises correctly. Take a video of yourself and send it to me for form analysis.

4. Improper rest times

It could be that you rush through your workout taking hardly any rest at all OR you’re getting sidetracked on your phone and taking 10 minutes between sets.

Either way, your results will suffer big time.

If you wan to know what are appropriate rest periods, check out Rest interval cheat sheet HERE.

5. Not lifting heavy enough

A lot of people just don’t push themselves hard enough and have been doing the same exercises at the same weight for months.

That’s a great recipe for staying exactly the same as you are right now…not so great for improving.

I’ve done all those mistakes myself, and sometimes still do. Things that help me are following a training program from other trainer (not my own), tracking weights and reps I’m lifting, ask for a spot to get extra rep or 2 (sometimes it’s all in your head and having someone to be there for you to give you a support if needed can make a huge difference), using stopwatch for my rest periods and trying to stay away from social media scrolling or emails between sets.

Challenge yourself, ask someone to spot you if you’re not sure you can lift it, or hire a personal trainer who’ll push you and make you work harder.

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Have a great day,
Coach Brani.

Workout of the day:


4 sets
10 calories on airbike as fast as possible
10 sumo duall dumbbell/kettlebell sumo squats
10 squat jumps
30m overhead farmer’s carry with the same weight as sumo squats
-rest 60 sec between rounds

4 sets
10 burpees
10 hand release push ups
20 plank shoulder taps
30 sec hollow body hold
-rest 60 sec between sets

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