How to do the most efficient workout in short time?

Jan 11, 2024
Work meeting run over.
School teacher called to pick up your kid.
Snoozed in the morning and only can train 30-45 min on lunch break.

I hear you. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you want it, or how good you plan it. Life happens.

One thing that I find work the best in this situation is to plan for it. Plan for things to not work out. When planning a new gym routine, you’re most likely to think about the best case scenario. I had a consultation yesterday with new prospect client and we talked about this. I asked her: “In best case scenario, how often and how much do you see yourself training in a week?”. She answered as most do, 3-4 times. Knowing already she’s a mum, spouse and senior at her job, I knew this is ambitious. We then did a little PRIORITY GAME (more about this in next episode), to find put how that fits in her lifestyle.

After that, I asked her: “Imagine worst case scenario. Your day where a meeting gets pushed or you miss a morning tube and you have to squeeze in your workout elsewhere. When and how much time would you have?”. She needed to think a little and I asked her to rather underestimate than overestimate. She said she can find 30 minutes on her lunch break. Awesome!

So, now we have the bst and the worst case scenario and when life happens she will know exactly what to do. She won’t freak out, she won’t skip it, she won’t wing it, becuase we planned for it.

Now, let’s get into a specific strategies we can use in this case. We have 30 minutes and it needs to be a good workout.

Here are my 3 best strategies:

PS: each startegy takes in account 5-10 min short dynamic warm up. Something like 3 sets of 10 squats, 10 world’s greatest stretch and 30 sec plank.

1. Supersets

Perform 2-3 UPPER-LOWER supersets. Combining 2 exercises together can save you time and keep the intensity higher. I personally love upper-lower supersets and they are a regular part of my own workouts. Some of my favourite supersets are:

3x10 Goblet squat
3x10 Dumbbell bench press

3x20 Dumbbell walking lunges
3x10 Half kneeling dumbbell press each arm

3x10 Kettlebell deadlift
3x30-60 sec Plank

No rest between exercises and rest 2 minutes between sets. Give it a go.


AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible. Maybe you’re familiar with this and how hard it is. If not, I dare you to try. There short, medium long and long AMRAPS too. For our 30 minute workout I’d choose 1x20 minute AMRAP or 2x7 minute AMRAP.

AMRAP 20 minute:
15 box jump (regress for bodyweight squat)
12 dumbbell push press (regress to push up with hands on bench)
9 V-ups (regress to lying leg raise)
-goal is to choose a pace you can hold 20 minutes nonstop. You also want to be pushing hard not failing!

2x7 minute AMRAP:

1st 7 minutes:
7 V-ups
7 push ups

Rest 3 min

2nd 7 minutes:
7 kettlebell swings
7 burpees


EMOM stands for Every Minute On (the) Minute. It’s great way to be able to build in heavier lifts in shorter time. Goal is to choose a movement that you complete in a minute with 15-30 sec left to rest. One of my favourite 20 minutes EMOM is:

Min 1 - 5 walkout with push up
Min 2 - 10 goblet squat (heavy!)
Min 3 - 15 dual dumbbell bend over row
Min 4 - 20 Govblet reverse lunge
Min 5 - 40-60 sec plank
-repeat 4 times 

Save this email and the next time you’re in position where you only have 30 minutes and you’re thinking of skipping that day’s workout, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Have a great week,
Coach Brani.