The Cost Of Getting Lean

Nov 28, 2023
Speaking from experience, when I was at my leanest, during an ironman preparation. I actually felt the worst. I was aroudnd 7-9% of bodyfat, looked really lean (but also quite small on my preference). It came with a lot of sacrifices and transition was really hard. A lot of people dream about being very very lean, but is it really worth it? Are you willing to do what it takes and make sacrifices? 

You should ask yourself these type of questions before you set yourself a goal and be brutally honest. You’ll be much more likely enjoy the process and end up being much happier with results.

Summer is approaching and more and more people start thinking about losing some body fat for beach holidays. 

You have about 2 months, which is very little time. If you want to drop a big amount of weight, you’ll have to be aggressive and give up a lot. If you’re already pretty lean, you might just need a small adjustment. 

In 2018 Precision Nutrition published one of my favourite infographics “The cost of getting lean”.

I love it because it is simple but thorough. It nicely shows what it takes to get lean, what you should do more of, and what you should do less of. What are the sacrifices but also what are the benefits.

If you you’re currently trying to get leaner, or you’re about to start. I hope you find this usefull. 

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Have a great week,
coach Brani.

Workout of the day:

Full body dumbbell workout. Can be performed with 1 or 2 dumbbells. This workout will target your legs, shoulders, chest and tricep. In strength part each set starts with isometic hold that pre-exhaust the muscle before you hit it with full range weighted exercise. This is a great way to build strength and lean muscle mass. Conditioning is very straight forward. Perform set amount of repetitions as fast as possible. Have a good one!

3 sets
45-60 sec wall sit
15 goblet squats (as heavy as you can)
-rest 1 min
30-45 sec high plank
10 push ups (regress to kneeling push up or hands elevated push up if needed)
-rest 1 min

For time

40 devil press
50 dumbbell thrusters
60 burpees

20 devil press 
30 dumbbell thrusters
40 burpees

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