Are you motivated to start your fitness journey right away, like coach Brani was eager to eat his Sunday roast?

Here's a great full body strength and conditioning workout to get you going the right direction.

This workout takes abour 30-45 minutes to complete and will challenge your upper body, lower body and core strength, as well as your stamina.

Let's go!

Warm up:

2-3 min light cardio

Straight into 1 set of:

10 alternating world's greatest stretch

5 multidirectional lunge per leg (bodyweight)

30 sec plank

Strength superset 1:

3 sets

10 dumbbell bench press (home version push up)

10 goblet squat (home version bodyweight squat)

-rest 2 min between sets

Strength superset 2:

3 sets

10 single arm dumbbell row per arm (home version prone snow angels)

10 split squat each leg

-rest 2 min between sets





Perform as fast as possible. Start with 12 burpee followed by 12 V-ups, straight into 10 burpees followed by 10 V-ups...continue till you're done.


If you like this workout but you feel like you need extra push, support, more personalised structure. Contact us to book a discovery session and have a chat about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.